Mystery Fiction Books: Why Are They So Popular?

19There is just something about mystery and thriller books that make them quite hard to put down once you have started reading them. That feeling you get when you are inevitably immersed in another dimension full of thrill, suspense, dangers and secrets. You know you have skipped a meal or two just to finish that ‘one last chapter’ and yet, you still cannot stop yourself. It exhilarates you to the point where you realize that you haven’t done anything all day long, except learning new ways to pry open a lock and maybe a few self-defense moves that can be of use some day. It is so addicting that you are determined to get to the end as soon as possible, but once you do, you regret finishing the book in such a short time.

Do not worry, because you are not the only one. A survey that was conducted in Canada back in 2005 reported that the most popular genre among readers is the mystery genre. The best thriller books have been around for so long and yet, they still remain as one of the most popular genres all over the world. But why are they so popular? The answer lies within the readers themselves.

People who read mystery novels are intelligent people, and intelligent people are always curious. These types of novels pique their curiosity. They love the thrill, the action and the challenge – the challenge to analyse and solve the mystery even before the protagonist does. Another reason for readers to love such a genre is the fact that they get to experience the thrill and excitement of different dangerous scenarios in the comfort of their own, safe, bed or living room chair. Readers want justice and want the wrongdoers to be punished rightfully so, but they are also as much interested as to how and why the antagonists committed the crimes in the novel. They also marvel at the different twists and turns of the plot eventually leading the lead character to finally solve the crime. It is indeed true that the reader wants to be able to compete with the wits and smarts of the characters involved in the story as well as the author. One of the most satisfying feelings the reader gets is from figuring out the whole case a long ways before the main character does.

Modern mystery and thriller books at nowadays even add more thrill to their readers by including a number of other genres like history, travel, romance and even real facts to make the whole thing more realistic.

There is always something for every type of reader in a good mystery book. That is why it is not surprising that the amount of readers of this genre in on par with the ever popular romance novels. For additional information, visit the site at

Mystery Fiction Books: Why Are They So Popular?

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