Mystery Fiction Books: Why Are They So Popular?

19There is just something about mystery and thriller books that make them quite hard to put down once you have started reading them. That feeling you get when you are inevitably immersed in another dimension full of thrill, suspense, dangers and secrets. You know you have skipped a meal or two just to finish that ‘one last chapter’ and yet, you still cannot stop yourself. It exhilarates you to the point where you realize that you haven’t done anything all day long, except learning new ways to pry open a lock and maybe a few self-defense moves that can be of use some day. It is so addicting that you are determined to get to the end as soon as possible, but once you do, you regret finishing the book in such a short time.

Do not worry, because you are not the only one. A survey that was conducted in Canada back in 2005 reported that the most popular genre among readers is the mystery genre. The best thriller books have been around for so long and yet, they still remain as one of the most popular genres all over the world. But why are they so popular? The answer lies within the readers themselves.

People who read mystery novels are intelligent people, and intelligent people are always curious. These types of novels pique their curiosity. They love the thrill, the action and the challenge – the challenge to analyse and solve the mystery even before the protagonist does. Another reason for readers to love such a genre is the fact that they get to experience the thrill and excitement of different dangerous scenarios in the comfort of their own, safe, bed or living room chair. Readers want justice and want the wrongdoers to be punished rightfully so, but they are also as much interested as to how and why the antagonists committed the crimes in the novel. They also marvel at the different twists and turns of the plot eventually leading the lead character to finally solve the crime. It is indeed true that the reader wants to be able to compete with the wits and smarts of the characters involved in the story as well as the author. One of the most satisfying feelings the reader gets is from figuring out the whole case a long ways before the main character does.

Modern mystery and thriller books at nowadays even add more thrill to their readers by including a number of other genres like history, travel, romance and even real facts to make the whole thing more realistic.

There is always something for every type of reader in a good mystery book. That is why it is not surprising that the amount of readers of this genre in on par with the ever popular romance novels. For additional information, visit the site at

Mystery Fiction Books: Why Are They So Popular?

How to Add Ebooks on Your Kindle  

20Congratulations, you finally have your Kindle. However, it is pretty unusable if it doesn’t have any books on it yet. There are actually a lot of ways to do this and you can even Kindle free books. The guide to help you get good books to read on your new Kindle.

First, you can actually get good books to read on Kindle store. This is the easiest method. When you buy a book from the Kindle store, it will be on your Kindle within 60 second. You can view the store directly from your Kindle. Simply browse through the store and gain access to thousands of titles. Just search the category that you want in the main menu. For instance, if you want the best thriller books, simply select the Thriller category and you will have access to different books available on Kindle. You can get the first chapter of any books for free so that you can decide if you want to purchase it or not. You can also purchase ebooks on Kindle store using your computer via Amazon. So, whenever you buy a book, it will instantly download on your gadget.

Second, you can transfer ebooks from your computer to your Kindle using USB transfer. Kindles have a USB cable included the package. This is great if you have existing ebook files on your computer. However, just make sure that the ebooks are among the approved file formats such as txt, pdf, and mobi.

Third, you can use the email service if you want to connect your Kindle to your computer. When you purchase from Amazon, they can send the file directly to your device and they will convert the file doc and pdf files automatically to Kindle format. It is important to take note that there are some instances where there’ll be a few errors on the converted file but only minor ones. Similar information about hits are available at However, Amazon will charge a fee of $.10 for every file to that you send to Kindle using their email service. The 10 cents may seem cheap but it can add up if you do this method frequently.

Lastly, you can use the Kindle Browser. This is something that Amazon doesn’t want to share. Simply use the Kindle’s built-in browser to search for sites that offer free young adult books. There are actually thousands of sites that have Kindle-friendly format that you can easily download. You can search for a fiction author like Ernie Lindsey or even look at different categories like Kindle mystery books. The best thing about this method is that it is completely free.

How to Add Ebooks on Your Kindle  

Do You Want to Read Fiction Books?  

21If you are planning to become a writer someday, you need to have unique and fresh ideas always. You can do it when you read books. However, you do not dwell on scientific ideas unless you want to write textbooks. You need to look for fiction books and read them so that you will know the different styles of writers. You will have your own style but you can adopt some strategies from best-selling book authors. What you need to do now is to go to the bookstore and buy as many fiction books as you can.

What can you get from a fiction book? There are plenty of benefits. If you want to widen your vocabulary and improve your comprehension, you can attain it by means of frequent reading. However, you should also realize that you need to pick sensible kindle free books because not all books of fiction bring you something that is valuable. It is up to you to pick whatever genre you like. If you find horror and thriller to be interesting, pick them up. If you want science fiction, just grab some copies. If you also want to read some romance novels, you will really giggle while reading.

Research found out that reading fiction enables you to be sociable and emphatic. Hence, if you find some people having problems, you can easily put yourself on their shoes. You can be able to help them find solutions on their problems because your ability to counsel is improved. You can also improve your sense of interpretation as you read fiction books because though they are fiction, you need to remember that they picture out some social realities. Know more about this from the site at Hence, if you perceive a particular problem being depicted in the story, you will know what it is and find a solution thereafter.

Picking fiction books is a little difficult because you do not have to do it physically all the time. If you are a busy bee, you can simply make transactions online. You can find an online bookstore that can guarantee you best-selling books. But, not all fiction bookstores online are real. There are some of them that are scam so you better watch out when purchasing orders. It is a must to review the authenticity of the store so that you will never have problems about scam. This article will bring you the ideas of why you need to read fiction and how to purchase the books. You can also learn from this articles for details on how to acquire free young adult books.

Do You Want to Read Fiction Books?